Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooking Afternoon

We had a busy day with a two-mile swim this morning/afternoon that took longer than expected. We had to wait for the tides to change, and then as a result there was barely any tidal assistance. My hip was a bit sore but otherwise a good race.

When we got home though, I cooked up a storm! First, I made some ricotta cheese. Then, I started the soup recipe Sam's mom sent me last week - Greens Supreme Soup. I had kale from the CSA this week, but not as much as the recipe called for, so I threw in the beets and turnip greens too. Also didn't have chardonnay around or another comparable wine, so I used some of the liquid left over from the ricotta instead. The end result was delish.

While the soup was cooking, I made some pesto with the basil growing on our deck - it needed to be cut back so it will get nice and bushy, so it seemed like a batch of pesto was in order. Always good to have some pesto in the freezer.

The soup seemed so nice and hearty that we just had that with some sourdough toast for dinner with a salad rather than making pasta as well. Mmm.

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