Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beets Turnips and Garlic Scrapes

Wednesday night and we're done with our CSA food! Which is just as well because we probably won't make dinner at home before our next pickup on Saturday. So far, everything's been delish. Monday we had carrot linguine, which I topped with some chopped garlic scrapes sautéed in browned butter with a dash of nutmeg thrown in.

And tonight, I roasted some beets and Japanese turnips tossed with salt and olive oil as a side dish for pan grilled pork chops. We had some plain yogurt in the fridge, so I made a dipping sauce/dressing for the veggies. I wanted to toss in some lemon juice but I was out of lemons and lime just didn't seem like it would work, so I whisked in a bit of cider vinegar and some Penzey's Florida Pepper seasoning, which has some lemon zest in there. Results were quite good, and ended up dipping the pork in it too. Can't wait for next week's food!

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