Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Festivities

For Christmas this year, we did our usual routine. Christmas Eve at Sam's aunt's house in Windsor Terrace for some Swedish Meatballs and decorating the tree, and then a movie and Chinese food for Christmas Day with my family. We saw Bolt 3D up near my parent's place, which has to be the emptiest I've ever seen a movie theater in NYC on Christmas Day, especially surprising for the Upper West Side. Very fun movie. And then rather than going to Chinatown, we went to get hotpot in Midtown at a place I'd been with Tien many years ago. It was empty, which beat long lines in Chinatown, and was just as good, though with a bit less variety and a bit higher prices. Definitely hit the spot though.

After our dunch (dinner/lunch), Sam headed back to Brooklyn since he had to work Friday and I headed back with my parents to go up to Massachusetts since our office was closed. We had a nice relaxing weekend, and picked Sam up from the train on Friday evening. Naturally, the majority of the weekend revolved around food as well, though there was some time for walking around Hudson, NY, work on crossword puzzles, and for Sam to diagnose the problem with the garage door opener.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008