Monday, September 15, 2008

Pasta and Eggplant

We've been eating well the past week, with a couple new restaurant finds and some new recipes, as well as some old. At Amorina, we had a delicious fig and prosciutto pizza that we loved so much, I picked up the ingredients to try and replicate it at home. We had eggs and potatoes and not much else around last Thursday, so I made a Tortilla Espanola, which is always tasty. And the tomatoes looked delicious at the coop on Saturday, so we whipped up the old standby of Tomato and Basil last night for dinner. Think it was the best of the whole summer. And tonight, we got around to making the Eggplant Dengaku recipe my mother-in-law was so kind to scan for me, and it was as good as she said. This coming from someone who's not the biggest of eggplant fans.

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Barbara said...

So glad you liked it. Used the rest of my pan-cooked eggplants (without sauce) in miso soups and: as lasagna.
I just sliced each half again horiz. way and used the thin slices like noodles to layer in the pan. Very tasty except that I only had enough parmesan for the ricotta/egg filling and just a sprinkle for the top. (Ricotta was left over from the not-so-successful silken tofu/ricotta dish)