Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Updates

Short and sweet summary. Last weekend we went up to Mom and Dad's place in the Berkshires. We hadn't been up since May and were hoping for some good R&R. Somehow, we got lucky though and the pick your own berry farm I found online was open and even had golden raspberries, so we went a bit overboard with the raspberry picking and ended up making 6 batches of jam total - 3 batches of golden raspberry, 1 of red raspberry, and 2 of donut peach jam, and a raspberry not so crisp crisp (the topping kind of melted). So that took most of Saturday, but we managed to get in some nice relaxation on Sunday.

This past week was pretty busy. Only cooked at home once this week - salad and a quick and easy chicken saltimbocca. We caught Boeing Boeing last night for a fun night at the theater.

And today, we wandered around Gowanus/Park Slope, checking out places for Open House New York, including the Tom Otterness studio. Looking forward to some napping before a friend's birthday celebrations this evening.

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Sam T said...

Boeing Boeing was a riot; Mark Rylance definitely stands out as the old pal "from Wisconsin." He is somehow able to "project" that dopey accent louder and more clearly than the rest of the cast, although that's not a knock against the others' very funny performances. Gina Gershon is great as "the Italian", and even the understudy did well as "the German." Kathryn Hahn as Gloria ("the American") was probably my overall second favorite, though; the whole thing of constantly talking with her hips is still cracking me up. I almost forgot Christine Baranski as Bertha; ironically she is the reason I wanted to see Boeing Boeing in the first place, I thought her character was somehow underplayed on Friday though. Great show!